Fish and Seafood from gulf of Cadiz

Iberian starters

Acorn-Fed iberian ham 50gr /100gr

Acorn-Fed iberian pork loin 50gr /100gr

Mature Manchego cheese 80gr /150gr

Payoyo cheese (Cadiz cheese) 80gr /150gr

Home special assorment




Mixed Salad

Avocado & Prawns Salad

Smoked fish salad

Dressed seafood cocktail

Dressed potatoes with bullet tuna

Bravo bull potatoes

Temperate galician octopus terrine

Scorpion fish pate-med

Bastones de berenjena con salmorejo

Fried Cheese

Iberian ham croquettes

Galician-style octopus

CuttleFish meatball in fishermen sauce

First Dishes

Grilled vegetables

Little-Lord Paella (Min 2 people)

Seafood Paella (Min 2 people)

Black Rice (Min 2 people)

Soupy rice in fishermen style (Min 2 people)

Spaghetti with prawns and vegetables

Golden scrambled eggs (with cod)

Sea & Mountain scrambled eggs

Foie scrambled eggs

Fried egg with potatoes and iberian ham

Soup pot


Garlic Prawns

Boiled, Grilled prawns-med

Clams in fishermen sauce

Fish and prawn skewer

Shrimp cakes

Fried anchovies

Fried Cuttlefish

Fried baby squid

Grilled Swordfish

Grilled hake

Hake with Green sauce

Cod in pilpil


Iberian pork skewer

Chicken and sausage skewer

Stewed pork faw meat

Sirloin pork medaillons in Roquefort sauce

Grilled meat

Iberian pork (“Churrasco”)

Acorn-Fed iberian pork shoulder steak (“Presa”)

Jabugo-style acorn-fed iberian pork sirloin

Rib-eye Veal steak

“Retinto” Veal sirloin

Suckling lamb chops

Bread & Breadsticks/Olives


Chicken salad with goat cheese and honey mustard

Smoked salmon roll filled with olive oil

Salted Anchovies with olive oil

Anchovies in vinegar

Red Tuna Tartar “Almadraba”

Little shrimp cream

Paella with red prawns (price per person - minimum 2)

Oxtail “Paella” (price per person - minimum 2)

Pork soft Meat “Paella” (price per person - minimum 2)

Vegetarian “Paella” (price per person - minimum 2)

Monkfish in local style

Megrim fish loin stuffed with gratin prawn

Sea bass with asparagus “Oloroso”

Piquillo peppers stuffed with cod and prawn

Steak tartare

Lamb gizzards with garlic and chistorra (spicy sausage)

Roasted pork knuckle

Grilled Chicken Sirloin

Suckling Lamb Leg

“Retinto” grilled beef steak (local meet)

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