Arteserrano, A tribute to your palate

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Cold Tapas

Prawn salad

Seafood cocktail

Seafood Spatter

Salmorejo Serrano

Salmon Roll Stuffed with Cheese Cream

Scorpion Pate

Galician Octopus Cake

Gaditana Dressed Potatoes

Dressed Chocos

Chicken Salad with Guacamole

Dressed Swordfish Tacos

Roasted Peppers with Coal and Mackerel

Hot Tapas

Very Brave Potatoes

Iberian Ham Croquettes

Eggplant canes with Salmorejo

Breaded sirloin strips breaded

Fried Chocos

Fried cheese

Shrimp fritters

Grilled Choco with Piriñaca

Iberian Acorn Dam

Iberian Artisan Sirloin

Cheek to the Bull

Grilled tuna on Salmorejo

Lemon Swordfish

Choco Meatballs in Green Sauce

Roteña Fish Loin

Scallop stuffed Gratin

Stuffed Eggplant

Broken Eggs on Potatoes

Garlic squid with artisan style

Craftsman Scrambled

Iberian Serrana Skewer

Fish and Prawns Skewer

Delicatessen Tapas

Iberian Ham

Iberian Loin Cane

Manchego cheese

Tenderloin in Manteca

Special Chicharrón

baguette of Palometa with Roquefort

baguette of Melva with Tomato and Mahonesa

Smoked Cod baguette

Iberian Ham baguette

Loin baguette in Manteca

Cured Manchego Cheese baguette

Iberian Loin Cane baguette

Iberian Morcon baguette

Iberian red sausage ​​baguette

Iberian sausage baguette

Assorted baguettes (4 units)

Assorted baguettes (8 units)


Artisan Bread with Iberian Ham and Crushed Natural Tomato

Artisan Bread with Meatloaf, Cheese and Meat Juice


Grilled Hamburger

Half portions

Wild Boar Meatballs in Almond Sauce

Adobo Ribs

Tomato, Avocado and Anchovy Salad

Breaded and Macerated Chicken Tears in Citrus

Smelly Beef Carrillada

Garlic chicken

Tuna onions

Scrambled Olvera

Grilled vegetables

Purely gaditana gastronomy

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